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Camila. 16. Colombia. music: BASTILLE. Two Door Cinema Club. London grammar. Fall Out Boy. Kodaline. HAIM. Tom odell, The Lumineers.                          

dystopian novels, divergent and John Green. the amazing spiderman., stephen king


Tips on Studying

*open a book*

*read the first sentence*

*understand it very well*

*then slowly close your eyes*

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Dan Smith’s voice makes me happy and terribly sad all at the same time


bastille’s bad_news in snaps, part 2

They’re mesmerizing separately and together, and together they do something that you rarely get to see anymore, which is just explode with chemistry.

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Shai: I just had a really great egg that morning.

Theo: An incredible egg.

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in which theo blinks funny, plays with his shirt, scratches his face, seductively massages his neck and chest, tries to get a piece of paper and fails (twice), and smooths his eyebrow.

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Bastille challenge // 1 album; all this bad blood [1/1]

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AU: Tris & Tobias Long Distance Relationship

Tobias: hey six
Tris: hey for
Tobias: you didn't spell my name correctly
Tris: i know, i'm missing u

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I’m crying

actual tears I hate you patrick

HOLY FUCK somebody please tell me anywhere that I can buy this or download it this is 100% amazing

Title: Alone Together (Acoustic)
Artist: Fall Out Boy
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I’m sorry, my phone is only on 13%, I can’t go.

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school

”Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”

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What scares me? Spiders. We just did a video and I had to have a real life massive tarantula put on my arm and then on my head and I hated it so much. I was terrified.